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We have focused our research on enzymatic ginseng and ginsenosides for nearly two decades. In the process, we’ve received many certificates and patents on our scientific studies of ginsenosides.


Cutting-Edge Technological Breakthroughs​

We founded BTGin to develop new medicine using natural ingredients that will help improve not just health but happiness. Our work can really be divided into a few categories: 1. The field of healthy functional food
2. The development of raw materials for medicine
3. The development of high functional raw materials and scientific application

We have already had some major breakthroughs in our work! We developed Valienamine which has been key for treating diabetes with chemo-enzymatic reaction for realization. BTGin developed valienamine using chemo-enzymatic reaction to mass-produce the conversion of Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Re, and Rf1 into saponin. Saponin offers a host of health benefits! BTGin’s has created cutting-edge technology that will spur on even greater technological innovations. We hope to create systems that will extract the high mixed ginsenosides from ginseng and separate them to produce high-quality ginseng products.

Beneficial, Trusted Research Partners

BTGin hasn’t been working alone. We have partnered with research labs, universities, and companies to work on a joint study that crosses many fields. Our partners include: Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology - Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology - Korea Food Research Institute - Digital Biotech - SK Chemical - Yonsei University Severance Hospital - Urology, Chungbuk National University - College of Pharmacy and Division of Pharmacy in University of Samyook We have focused our efforts on creating high-value technology and processing developments, as well as efficient systems for separation and purification. BTGin has already secured outstanding researchers who are up for the task!

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  • We established BTGin Co., Ltd.
  • BTGin successfully developed ginseng ingredients for Amore Pacific.
  • We supplied the ginsenoside reference standards for CJ.
  • BTGin started research and development with Digital Biotech to study the impact of saponin on dementia patients.
  • We started research and development with the Department of Urology of Medicine of Yonsei University. Our goal was to see how ginsenosides might prevent cancer and erectile dysfunction.
  • We developed and released Hwangsam EX, which has 20 times more saponin than wild ginseng.
  • We received venture authorization by SMBA
  • We started to develop Valienamine.
  • BTGin developed and released Enzymatic Red Ginseng Extract for CJ
  • We started our KFRI project on the analysis, extraction, and manufacturing process of saponins.
  • The KFDA granted BTGin our health functional food manufacturer permission, ISO KS A 9001:2000 certification
  • We supplied the raw ingredients to SK Chems Co., Ltd.
  • We started our MKE project to develop a healthy diet to manage blood glucose levels.
  • We started our joint R&D project on ARPC with Konkoo University
  • BTGin started a joint R&D project on the Ministry of Health and Welfare with Hanlim University.
  • BTGin began exporting DEERGIN products to Vietnam.
  • We started supplying our enzymatic red ginseng products to HI LIVING.
  • We supplied raw ingredients to Kuju Pharm and Natural F&P.
  • We signed a material supply agreement with Dongwon F&B.
  • BTGin supplied materials to Professor Vuksan at the University of Toronto in Canada for EROM’s unofficial clinical trial
  • EDICO finished the products we had supplied them with.
  • We supplied products to Dongwon F&B and Hiliving Co., Ltd.
  • We signed a supply agreement with Amore Pacific.
  • We supplied products to LG Household and Healthcare’s official clinical trial launched by Professor Vuskan from the University of Toronto in Canada.
  • We exported enzymatic red ginseng to Japan.
  • BTGin obtained the certificate of INNO-BIZ; SMBA selected us as the sponsored export company.
  • We relocated to Daedeok Techno Valley in Daejon
  • We established our GMP facility.
  • We launched 42.195 km beverages on the domestic market.
  • We signed a supply agreement with Umeken USA.
  • We exported 42.195km beverages to Japan.
  • The Journal of American Society of Hypertension published one of our articles.
  • The Journal of Ginseng Research published our article “RG3-Enriched Korean Red Ginseng Isolated from Red Ginseng Improves Vascular Function in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats.”
  • We began exporting our enzymatic red ginseng capsules to the United States.
  • We began exporting our enzymatic red ginseng extract powder Everlife to Japan.
  • We began exporting our Caerus beverage to Japan.
  • BTGin submitted an application to the FDA for individual approval on our anti-hypertension claims
  • We were awarded the 2015 SIAL Innovation China for our 42.195km Special Ginseng Beverage
  • We started a partnership with BTGin Vietnam, which included exporting our products to Vietnam.
  • We exported BTGin enzymatic red ginseng raw ingredients to Barentz, Italy
  • We received a commendation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.
  • We began a partnership with Coonapi to sell our products online and in brick and mortar stores in Vietnam.
  • We began clinical trials on using the ginseng root to treat hypertension.
  • We released BtGin products to duty-free shops, including the Incheon airport, Shinsageae, Myeong-dong, Galleria Duty-Free 63, and Insa-dong.
It is indeed a very rare and good quality product. This product definitely works as it claims to do. Very effective for getting rid of fatigue, it relaxes your body and more energy flow during whole day. The most surprising one is that I can now sleep better than before. Most of the ginseng had some how adverse effects on sleep but I think may be very different due to it’s saponins.
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