Certificates & Patents

BTGin’s technology is acknowledged for a lot of patents and certificates


No Patent Registration No Patent Title Country Registered in
1 No. 10-1336646 Novel Taegeuk ginseng with enhanced ginsenoside Rg2, Rg3 and Rh1 content and its method of manufacturing Korea 2011-08-05
2 No. 10-1668596 Ginseng extract pill and its manufacturing Korea 2016-10-18
3 No. 0472558 Valienamin manufacture from validamicin using TFA Korea 2005-02-07
4 No. 10-0500679 Valienamin manufacture from acarbose and acarbose derivatives using TFA Korea 2005-07-01
5  No. 10-0489694 Valienamin manufacture using solid catalyst Korea 2005-05-04
6 No. 10-0689745 Ginsenoside using A-galactosidase Korea 2007-02-26
7 No. 10-0731620 Ginsenoside compound for impotence treatment Korea 2007-06-18
8 No. 10-1474255 Ginseng extract pellet and its’ manufacturing Korea 2014-12-12
9 No.0443411 Ginsenoside F1 manufacture using B-glycosidase Korea 2004-07-27
10 No. 10-0671291 Ginsenoside F1 using B-galactosidase Korea 2007-01-12
11 No. 10-0654172 Ginsenoside Mc and McⅠ manufacture by enzymatic reaction Korea 2006-11-29
12 No. 10-0892764 Ginsenoside compound for lung cancer treatment Korea 2009-04-02
13 No. 10-0735573 Hypoglycemic agent compound with ginsenoside as active ingredient Korea 2007-06-28
14 No. 10-0678490 Panaxadiol and panaxatriol separation Korea 2007-01-29
15 No. 0500679/ZL0282 9209.X Valienamin manufacture from acarbose and acarbose derivatives using TFA Korea 2005-07-01
16 No. 0489694/ZL200380 11034.3 Valienamin manufacture using solid catalyst Korea 2005-05-04
17 No. 10-1759153 The method of specific ginsenosides and Vitamin C enriched ginseng and its product Korea 2017-07-12
18 No. 10-1777673 The method of ginsenoside Rd by enzyme Korea 2017-09-06

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