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How Do Gin Hongsam Saponin Plus+ Capsules Work?

Our special capsules work by imitating the microorganisms in your intestines that absorb the ginsenosides (Panax ginseng saponin) in red ginseng. Ordinarily, these ginsenosides are transformed into the special ginsenosides, which are Rg3, Rhl, and Compound-K. But sometimes this transformation doesn’t happen. Korean Red Ginseng uses patented technology to make sure this transformation always takes place. Our technology increases the absorption rate up to 98%! By taking these capsules, the ginsenosides transform into special ginsenosides, which your body can absorb more easily and effectively. The technology also doubles the amount of ginsenosides.

Fast Results 

With some ginseng products, you have to wait for months to feel the effects. Not with our product! You’ll notice the benefits and these capsules in just seven days. You can experience relief from exhaustion and boost your immune system by taking Gin Hongsam. These capsules can even improve your circulation and reduce inflammation.

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