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BTGin Technology Ltd. has been a government-approved research facility and company since June 2003. Our goal has always been to develop new medicine from all-natural ingredients. We use a combination of innovative technology and powerful, natural ingredients to create high-quality products.

Thanks to our outstanding employees, we have been able to make creative source technology at the world-class level. Our work will eventually be divided into three fields: one for healthy functional food, one for the development of raw materials for medicine, and one for high functional raw materials and scientific technology application.

A Game-Changing Technology

One of the first great technologies we’ve developed is Enzymatic Red Ginseng, which is key to curing diabetes. We developed this technology using chemo-enzymatic reaction to mass-produce the general saponin ingredients Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Re, and Rg1. Enzymatic Red Ginseng is able to convert these general saponins into special saponins like compound-K and Rg3, which can more easily and effectively be absorbed in the blood. This technology is beneficial all on its own, but it can also spur on new technology that can extract high mixed ginsenosides for quality ginseng products.

Our Trusted Partners

Every day, BTGin is hard at work developing highly functional food and professional medicine. We only select the high possibility metabolites for medical products with transformed ginsenosides, while also checking for the medical vitality. BTGin has partnered with the best of the best to perform a joint study across fields that are related to our research. We’ve worked with many different labs, universities, and companies, including: - Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology - Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology - Korea Food Research Institute - Digital Biotech - SK Chemical - Yonsei University Severance Hospital’s Urology Department - Chungbuk National University’s College of Pharmacy - The Division of Pharmacy in University of Samyook BTGin is focusing on developing more cutting-edge technology including high-value technology developments and processing developments. By securing outstanding researchers, we are working on technology for separation, purification, and production.

Trusted Partners

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It is indeed a very rare and good quality product. This product definitely works as it claims to do. Very effective for getting rid of fatigue, it relaxes your body and more energy flow during whole day. The most surprising one is that I can now sleep better than before. Most of the ginseng had some how adverse effects on sleep but I think may be very different due to it’s saponins.

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