Immune Booster – Gin Hongsam Saponin Capsule Plus (by BTGIN)

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Our Best Selling Immune System Booster

FDA-Approved Genuine Ginseng Product

Korean Red Ginseng Capsules with High Ginsenosides, Rg3, Compound K

  • NATURAL SUPPORT: Immunity Booster and help boost energy levels, enhance memory, and improve overall health and wellness
  • INCREASED POTENCY: Powdered ginseng saponin extract strengthened with over 20 types of ginsenosides
  • BETTER ABSORPTION: Normal ginsenosides converted to rare ginsenosides to increase absorption by 98%
  • PURE GINSENG ROOTS: Created using only 100% Korean red ginseng root that has matured for six years 
  • RECOMMENDED DOSE: Adults may take 1-2 ginseng pills twice daily at least 30 minutes before eating 






Immune Booster – Gin Hongsam Saponin Capsule Plus

The Strongest Korean Red Ginseng Capsules

What’s Inside (and What Isn’t!)

The Gin Hongsam Saponin Plus + Capsules from BTGin contain 100% highly-concentrated Korean Red Ginseng extract (Rb1+Rg1+Rg3(S)=30mg/g, Rg3(S+R)=20mg/g, Compound-K=5mg/g). This highly beneficial extract comes in our easy-to-swallow vegetable cellulose capsules (HPMC).

At BTGIN, we never put additives or fillers in our products. All the ingredients are 100% natural. What you see on the label is truly what’s inside! Every Gin Hongsam capsule contains more than 8% ginsenosides including Rg3, Compound-K, & Rb1, Rb2, Rg1, Rg2, Rg5, Rh1, Rh2, Rh3, Rh4, Rk1, Rk2, Rk3, Rk4, Rd, Re, Rc, aPPT, aPPD, and more! Some of these compounds are even special ginsenosides which you won’t find in General Panax Ginseng. With every capsule, you’re getting 200 mg of pure BTGin Panax Ginseng extract powder. That’s seven times more than the amount in General Panax Ginseng! Every jar contains 200mg x 60 capsules.


Fast Results

With some ginseng products, you have to wait for months to feel the effects. Not with our product! You’ll notice the benefits of these capsules before just seven days. You can experience relief from exhaustion and boost your immune system by taking Gin Hongsam. These capsules can even improve your blood circulation and reduce inflammation with strong anti-oxidant and immunity boost functions.


How Do Gin Hongsam Saponin Plus+ Capsules Work?

Our special capsules work regardless of the micro-organisms state in your intestines that absorb the ginsenosides (Panax ginseng saponin) in red ginseng. Ordinarily, these ginsenosides are transformed into the special ginsenosides, which are Rg3, Rh2, and Compound-K. But this transformation doesn’t always happen. BTGin’s Korean Red Ginseng products use patented technology to make sure this transformation always takes place. Our technology maximizes the absorption rate up to 98%! By taking these capsules, the ginsenosides transform into special ginsenosides, which your body can absorb more easily and effectively. Simply speaking, the technology (ECS) converts general ginsenosides into specific ginsenosides such as Rg3, Compound K for enhancing absorption and potency.




Guide to Using Red Ginseng Gin Hongsam



If you are taking this product for intensive care, you can take Gin Hongsam 30 minutes before a meal. The recommended dosage is two capsules twice a day to experience relief from fatigue, weakness, or a compromised immune system in short time.

If you’re using this product for long-term wellness, take one capsule twice a day 30 minutes before mealtimes. With continued use, Gin Hongsam helps you maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Real High-Quality Ingredients

Each capsule contains 100% Korean Red Ginseng extract that is highly concentrated. These powerful ingredients are packed into vegetable cellulose capsules (HPMC). At BTGin, we never use additives or sugar when formulating our products. We use 100% natural, high-quality ingredients!


Safety Information

If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or under medical supervision, consult a healthcare professional before you begin using this product. You should never take more than the recommended dosage. If you notice any adverse reaction to the capsules, stop using them immediately and speak to your doctor.

Store your red Gin Hongsam in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep the lid of bottle closed after using as saponin is weak for humidity and air. This product is only intended for adults or teenagers so keep this product out of reach of young children.


Legal Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.


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3 reviews for Immune Booster – Gin Hongsam Saponin Capsule Plus (by BTGIN)

  1. Cassie

    Seemed to work well

  2. Samee

    I was suggested by my friend to try this Saponin Korean Red ginseng capsule due to my continuous fatigue and tiredness issues. I have tried many ginseng products before so I was not sure how it was going to be different than others. It’s been 10 days since I have been taking this capsule 2 in early morning and 2 capsule in the night before going to bed. So far I must say it’s really different than all the ginseng products I have tried before. After taking it for 5 days I started to feel more energy in body from early morning, surely a lot less tired during office hours, and surprisingly having a better sleep than I used to. So far this product is a lot more effective than I expected. Due to this I was curious to know, what is the main difference between this one and other ginseng? I came to know that this product mainly contains Ginsenosides Rg3 which is currently the most scientifically studied saponin in the world, and it absorbed more efficiently in the human body than most of the Ginsenosides. Of course that makes this product a bit more expensive but it seems to be worthy of every single penny. I am going to continue to use it and will again update my personal experience about this product in coming days.

  3. Adrienne J

    I think Excellent product
    Excellent productThis really worked when my immune system was down after being exposed at work.

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