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RG3 300- Ginsenosides Rg3 Enhanced (Rg3 : 50mg/Sachet) Korean Red Panax Ginseng Powder-Made in Korea, 10 Sachets, Rare Ginsenoside


Our Best Selling Immune System Booster


  • THE STRONGEST RED GINSENG Rg3 PRODUCT. This Rg3 300 ingredient contains 300 times more amount of Ginsenosides Rg3 in comparison to normal red ginseng. The core ingredient of this product is OKBT (Rg3= 100mg/g-highly enhanced Korean Red Ginseng extract powder). Each packet of Rg3 300 is 2g, which has Rg3 50mg
  • INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS & EFFECTS. Unlike other ginseng product you do not need to wait for months to feel the improvements & effects. You will notice the difference in your body & daily life within 7 days. Our technology converts normal Ginsenosides to rare Ginsenosides which increases absorption rate in human body.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS BACKED WITH SCIENTIFIC STUDIES. Our Korean red ginseng product have been developed based on our research & scientific studies for last 18 years. Its benefits include Instant Energy Boost, Increased Immunity, Improved -Blood Circulation, Memory, Concentration, Athletic Endurance and Stamina. It supports libido, sexual health, cardiovascular health, increased Nitric Oxide Synthases. It also provides strength & fast recovery for people going through chemotherapy.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEE. Our product contains BBTGin’s enzyme fermented processed Korean red panax ginseng. Our ginsengs are grown in Geumsan region of Korea and manufactured by our own GMP certified facility in Korea. We proudly hold 19 patents related with Korean Red Ginseng and also supply our ingredients for major nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and other health supplement organizations.
  • 6 YEARS OLD KOREAN GINSENG ROOT ONLY. Our products only contain 6 years old Korean ginseng roots (No Chinese Panax Ginseng). Unlike others, it does not contain ginseng leaves, stems or any other parts of ginseng. We can guarantee it because we handpick every ginseng roots and manufacture by ourselves. We are an original manufacturer with GMP facility, not a private label or contract manufactured.


Our Best Selling Immune System Booster

RG3 300- Ginsenosides Rg3 Enhanced (Rg3 : 50mg/Sachet) Korean Red Panax Ginseng Powder-Made in Korea, 10 Sachets, Rare Ginsenoside


Excellent Product Quality Management System

BTGin’s enzyme treatment method

The saponins in red ginseng are converted into specific saponins by the enzyme-treated ECS method, so it improves absorption in our body.

Do you know? Not everybody can absorb ginsenosides (active ingredients of ginsengs)!

Normal ginsenosides (Rg1, Rb1, etc..) should be broken down to be specific ginsenosides such as Rg3, F2, CompoundK for better absorption to body.

Enhanced specific saponin with much improved absorption rate

BTGin developed ECS(Enzymatic Control System

Excellent Product Quality Management System

We are equipped with a specialized facility that extracts saponins based on years of research, numerous patented technologies, and manufacturing experiences, and boasts an excellent quality management system (GMP) recognized by the Korean government.


Red Ginseng Supplements RG3 & Ginsenoside for Men Women – Korean Red Panax Ginseng Herbal Supplement.

How to choose the authentic Korean red ginseng products in right way?

ONE. The amount of Ginsenosides in this product-many products do not have a ginsenoside content. So, how can you believe you can benefit from other ginseng products?

TWO. There are some types of Ginsenosides in this product. Better absorbent Ginsenosides (Rg3, CompoundK, F2, Rh2,…) affect the body.

THREE. Is this product manufactured by GMP facility? The GMP facility with Good Manufacturing Practice manufactures the finest quality supplements in clean & safe zone.

FOUR. Only root parts of Korean panax ginseng used? To lower raw cost, some ginseng products use by-products such as leaves and stems which have also Ginsenosides but are exposed to Bad ingredients.


Bio Technology Korean Red Ginseng Supplement


Active ingredients

Ginsenosides Rg3, CompoundK enhanced

Enzyme fermented Korean red panax ginseng root extract 2560mg each packet

(Rare ginsenosides included such as Rg3, CompoundK…)

Premium Quality Herbal Supplement

Size: 10g x 30packets / set (300g)







2 reviews for RG3 300

  1. Jennifer

    I gave my mom a present on Mother’s Day
    She said she was sick after eating this and said she got better and I love it.
    It’s my first time knowing that it’s red ginseng, but it seems to have a mysterious effect.

  2. Peter

    I bought it after reading an article about the effects of red ginseng that said it has Potential Benefits Against Cancer and gave it to my wife.
    It’s been about a week and my wife’s face color is getting better.
    I still don’t know if this has any cancer-fighting benefits. But we are praying that our wife’s health will improve through this product that gives us hope.

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