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Korean Panax Red Ginseng Extract-6 Year Roots Ginsenoside-20mg Made in Korea. Every Day for Immunity, Energy & Stamina Boost, Memory, Mood, Focus, and Overall Health 10g X 30 Pcs


★THE STRONGEST RED GINSENG EXTRACT. Our red ginseng extract are extremely enhanced to contain maximum Ginsenosides in each pouch. It contains 10g x 30 pouches in one box. It contains Ginsenosides Rb1+Rg1 +Rg3 20mg with Rare Ginsenosides Rg3 and Compound-K. The red ginseng extracts are from root part of panax ginseng only. No leaves. No by-products

★INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS & EFFECTS. Unlike other ginseng product you do not need to wait for months to feel the improvements & effects. You will notice the difference in your body & daily life within 7 days. Our technology converts normal Ginsenosides to rare Ginsenosides which increases absorption in the human body.

★HEALTH BENEFITS BACKED WITH SCIENTIFIC STUDIES. Our Korean red ginseng products have been developed based on our research & scientific studies for last 18 years. Its benefits include Instant Energy Boost, Increased Immunity, Improved -Blood Circulation, Memory, Concentration, Athletic Endurance and Stamina. Cardiovascular health, increased Nitric Oxide Synthases.

★HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEE. Each pouch contains equivalent of 1 root of Korean Red Ginseng. Our ginsengs are grown in Geumsan region of Korea and manufactured by our own GMP certified facility in Korea. All products guarantee exact amount of Ginsenosides with rare Ginsenosides which are not available in most of the ginseng products or the exact amount could not be guaranteed by the most.

★6 YEARS OLD KOREAN GINSENG ROOT ONLY. Our products only contain 6 years old Korean ginseng roots (No Chinese Panax Ginseng). Unlike others, it does not contain ginseng leaves, stems or any other parts of ginseng. We can guarantee it because we handpick every ginseng roots and manufacture by ourselves. We are an original manufacturer with GMP facility, not a private label or contract manufactured.




1 review for Sapoin Hanppuri

  1. Olivia

    Real high quality authentic Korean red ginseng that improved my health condition
    I have been studying for the engineer interview/coding exam past 2 month for 10-12 hours a day; my body didn’t feel refreshed even if I slept 8 hours, I felt tired and my memory power seemed weekend. I researched and found out that red ginseng extract could improve all of the above issues. As I looking for a good authentic red ginseng extract for affordable price, I found this trusted well known Korean Brand BT-gin. similar products can easily go over $100, but this product is 10-20% less than similar products and seems authentic red ginseng extract. It said One pack contains one full 6 years old red ginseng !! I opened the pack, each pack has appx 3/4 full ginseng extract. Tastes is bit bitter but real ginseng extract meant to be bitter and bitter the taste should be higher quality red ginseng. The important thing is that I have been drinking one pack a day past 2 weeks right after I woke up ( in empty stomach ) ; definitely i feel the difference; my concentration power improved during the study, my memory seems to be better and less tired even if I study for long hours. This product is legit and works. I am continually going to drink next few month for my health

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