VITA Ginseng Kids


VITA Ginseng Kids/Korean Red Ginseng Immune System Support

* for Children/BTGin 5th Generation Ginseng


Korean Red Ginseng Capsules with High Ginsenosides, Rg3, Compound K

  • NO BITTER TASTE GINSENG FOR KIDS. VITA GINSENG KIDS contains enough ginsenosides(ginseng’s active component) without bitter taste by BTGin enzyme control bio technology.
  • CHILDREN ENJOY GINSENG WITH THEIR FAVORITE FOODS. Mix VITA GINSENG KIDS with children’s favorite foods such as milk, yogurt, cereal, etc.
  • ADDITIONAL HEALTHY INGREDIENTS. Nourish children’s diet with milk, banana, seven berries, 20kinds of vegetables, and natural Vitamin D derived from dry yeast..
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEE. Our ginsengs are grown in Geumsan region of Korea and manufactured by our own GMP, ISO22000 certified facility in Korea. All products guarantee exact amount of Ginsenosides with rare Ginsenosides which are not available in most of the ginseng products or the exact amount could not be guaranteed by the most.
  • 6 YEARS OLD KOREAN GINSENG ROOT ONLY. Our products only contain 6 years old Korean ginseng roots (No Chinese Panax Ginseng). Unlike others, it does not contain ginseng leaves, stems or any other parts of ginseng. We can guarantee it because we handpick every ginseng roots and manufacture by ourselves. We are an original manufacturer with GMP facility, not a private label or contract manufactured.


Product Name: Vita Ginseng Kids


Ingredients: Korean Red Ginseng, Milk powder, Banana, Seven berries, Vegetables extract powder mix, Dry yeast(Vitamin D)

Ginsenosides(Ginseng active components): Each pouch contains Ginsenosides Rb1+Rg1+Rg3 3.2mg

Features:No bitter ginseng for kids. No artificial flavor or pigment

Effects*: Support immune system, Anti-fatigue, blood circulation through the inhibition of platelet aggregation, and also helps with inflammation*. Ginsenosides (Panax Ginseng Saponin) in Red Ginseng should be transformed to the special Ginsenosides (Rg3, Rh1, Compound-K) by the microorganism in the human intestine for absorption, but such transformation may not happen in many cases, depending on an individual. Using our patented technology (Enzyme Control System), BTGin finally invented the 5th generation ginseng products with increased absorption rate of ginsenosides.


Panax ginseng – Korean ginseng is very popular in the world for its various effects for health. But, it was normally for adults due to its strong and bitter tastes. Many health food companies have invented already lots of Korean ginseng products for children but the limitation was always for 2 weak points.
-1. Many children do not want it for bitter taste.
-2. Most of kid ginseng products had to contain lots of sugar, artificial flavors and multi vitamins to cover the bitterness.

VITA GINSENG KIDS solves all the weak points.
+1. No bitter and powder type. Children enjoy it without any doubt about bitterness with milk, yogurt, or any favorable food.
+2. No artificial additives or sugars.
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Korean Red ginseng complex capsules ginseng supplements RG3 ginseng for men & women and Korean red Panax Ginseng ginseng Herbal Supplements support 1) Improving immunity function 2) Anti-fatigue 3) Antioxidant 4) Improving memory function 5) Improving blood circulation 6) Improving women menopause


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