What Is Red Ginseng?

Red ginseng is made by a process of naturally drying cultivated ginseng and steaming and drying it at high temperature and high pressure. It takes on slightly more brown and red color than white. That is why it is called red ginseng. Red ginseng is a famous specialty of Korea and boasts of a tradition that goes back over 3000 years. Long before, Panax Ginseng of Korea was well-known as precious medicinal herbs and famous for gifts for aristocrats in China, Vietnam and even in the UK.

The process of manufacturing red ginseng produces specific ginsenosides such as ginsenoside Rg3 that are not found in ginseng. This helps absorption and provides better flavor and aroma.

BTGin Saponin Capsule is manufactured by adding an enzyme treatment process to red ginseng so that specific ginsenosides in this product are 20 stronger more than those in other Korean red ginseng extracts, resulting in faster and better absorption and efficacy.
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It is indeed a very rare and good quality product. This product definitely works as it claims to do. Very effective for getting rid of fatigue, it relaxes your body and more energy flow during whole day. The most surprising one is that I can now sleep better than before. Most of the ginseng had some how adverse effects on sleep but I think may be very different due to it’s saponins.

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